Sage set up and specialisation

The world of automated payroll is growing quickly and can be a bit of a minefield for anyone who doesn't know what they are looking for. We have decided to stick with Sage as they have lead the way with innovation and automation since the start. That said even their products are not simple to identify at the purchasing stage and it can be easy to get carried away and purchase more than required. We offer a set up and tailoring service to businesses that ensure they get exactly what is required and no more.

Sage training

Obviously it is not just the proprietor that needs to understand how the company payroll system works, due to a high demand we have developed specific on the job training for employees to bring them up to speed with the systems they will be using. As well as this we also provide on-going support for the more tricky issues you may find a long the way. Problem solving can take time and having Callards just a call away can save thousands.
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